Our Surgical Team

We specialize in Ear Nose and Throat problems in children. Chronic ear disease caused by infections may result in hearing loss if not treated properly. Many of the children suffer from throat inflamation and have airway blockage that severely affect their lives. Our team is well trained to treat these issues. We use both medicines and surgery to help the children.


The PACU may be the heart of our mission. After all the evaluations and then the surgery, all of the kids need to safely wake up and recover from their operation. We have been blessed with highly skilled nurses tasked to guide the recovery process and get the kids ready for discharge. We are joined with Nurses from the Dominican Republic who are so important in this last part of the surgery day.


In the Dominican Republic, a severe hearing loss is misinterpreted as a form of mental retardation. Many of the children are rejected from school. A hearing aid can salvage the lives of these unfortunate children. All of the aids are provided by our mission at no cost to the children. We also provide any subsequent adjustments, repairs and batteries. A Dominican Audiologist has begun to work with the mission and provides the needed repairs and adjustments through the year.