There are children who are in such great need. Children who struggle to breath, struggle to hear, or suffer recurring severe infections. You can be the helping hand for these precious children.

The Domincan Pediatric ENT Mission has existed since 2007, serving a large group of  very poor children in the Dominican Republic. For years these families have had little access to medical care and find themselves in great need of basic medical services. Our group specializes in Otolaryngology ( Ear Nose Throat ) care. We provide both medical evaluation and surgical care, as well as audiological assesment. We have now seen nearly 5000 children in the clinic and preformed 1950 operations. We have provided over 140 children with hearing aids and continue to monitor their progress. Children with chronic ear disease, recurrent infections or who can not breath due to throat swellings can now be cured of their afflictions.

I am so excited to announce our new hearing screening program. Since training a Dominican Cooperadora (health care worker) we have started testing both preschool and primary grade children for hearing loss. This has extended our reach significantly and allows us earily intervention with hearing impaired children. In addition to this screening program, we have added a Dominican audiologist to our team who services hearing devices for the children throughout the year.

Another exciting development is our addition of neonatal and infant hearing testing to detect children with hearing impairment during the first year of life. This type of detection is universal here in the United States but has not been available in the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican culture, a child with hearing loss has little or no opportunity to learn or become self sufficient. This earily intervention has become a life changing event for the children.

Our services are provided free of charge and all of our work is self funded. All of the supplies, medications, hearing aids and equipment that we use are supplied by our group. Our team of health care professionals donate their time and pay for their transportation to the mission. We have no paid positions in our group and 100% of donations go to the children.

You can help with your generous donation to the mission. You can be part of the life altering work going on now. Now, through your generosity, you can be a participant in our mission and help the children.


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